OOS Collection by Studio248

OOS Collection is a minimalist design series by Bangkok-based firm Studio248. The collection consists of a coffee table, side table, and ceiling lamp. The most distinct characteristic of this collection is the simplicity of the joint between the metal plate and the wood. The metal plate is being held through a slit in the wood that allows the plate to be locked in place, perpendicular to the floor without any screws.

The differentiation in levels allows one to organize their belongings into its various “steps” without dispersing everything all on one surface. The coffee table has three different levels to separate the magazines from the remote controls. The bedside table has two steps in order to organize one’s books, mobile phones, or even medication.

The amalgamation of the sheet metal with ash wood produces a unique and streamlined aesthetic for the OOS Collection. The various “steps” makes the design look futuristic, while providing a useful function. I love this design because it has a bit of an earthy disposition to it – a contrast to the many other minimalist works I have come across.

Leo Lei translates his passion for minimalism into his daily-updated blog Leibal. In addition, you can find uniquely designed minimalist objects and furniture at the Leibal Store.