Piegato by Matthias Ries

Piegato is a minimalist shelving collection designed by Matthias Ries for Serafini. The shelves are made with 1.5mm thick laser-cut powder-coated steel sheets. Laser cutting allows Piegato to be shipped flat-packed, and cuts costs for both production and delivery. Once the customer receives Piegato, they must bend the shelves themselves. The shelves are fastened to the wall using four screws, and require no further assembly – the whole design is one piece.

The designer wanted a focus on eco-friendly production and materials. As a result, the steel is easily recyclable, the flat-pack reduces emissions, and the laser-cutting eliminates wasted by-product. Ries also designed a product that has built-in multifunctionality. The ferromagnetic properties of the steel allow the shelf to be used as a magnetic board. Piegato comes in black, white, yellow, blue-green, aquamarine, and light red-orange.

Laser-cutting steel is becoming one of my favorite production techniques due to its aesthetic nature, quality, and ease of assembly. I’ve always had an interest for origami, and I believe laser-cutting has a similar artistic disposition and transformative nature as origami does. The design, although simple, is incredibly appealing, and its machine-made lines adds an industrial characteristic which I love.

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