Pli Folding Chair by Florian Hauswirth

Pli Folding Chair is a minimal design created by Switzerland-based designer Florian Hauswirth. He started his career as a model builder for Vitra in Switzerland. He was able to construct models for some of the most renowned designers in the industry, such as Jasper Morrison, Philippe Stark, and Antonio Citterio to name a few. 

When the chair is folded, it only measures eight centimeters in width. The idea of the chair came from amalgamating classic and modern techniques together. The designer wanted the chair to be versatile enough to be used in any situation. The chair is constructed of solid beech wood using natural adhesives such as casein and fish glue. Although the folding mechanism is built into the design itself, there are metal hinges that attach the rest of the wooden chair together.

I’m always on the lookout for beautifully designed folding chairs such as this. I love the fact that, when creating a folding chair, the designer is forced to strip out any unnecessary elements to the design in order to maintain its function. As a result, most folding chairs have a minimal aesthetic, but lack the sleek and elegant details that the Pli chair is able to expose.

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