Raiffeisen Bank by NAU

I wouldn’t say Raiffeisen Bank, designed by NAU, is any more minimalistic than it is futuristic. Banks have the stigma of being dull and boring, a reputation spawned from their pallid interiors. However, NAU decided to disrupt this pattern of unimaginative humdrum, and created an elegant interior with the help of advanced fabrication techniques.

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, this flagship branch has created a whole new banking experience between the customer and the employee. Robots access and retrieve safety deposit boxes, terminals are concealed in furniture elements, and tables contain touch-screen interfaces that displays information ranging from real-time market figures to sports scores. The walls contain images of past members, which were milled into the Hi-Macs using digital production.

My favorite aspect of this space, unexpectedly, is the inset ceilings. It produces a unique flow that connects all of the rooms together. In addition, the soft curves from the walls and furniture produce a welcoming and stylish atmosphere.

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