Refurbishment by SFARO Architects

Located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, this 40-square-meter refurbishment is the design of SFARO Architects. The bustling city has seen a sharp increase in housing prices within the past few years. As a result, people have been more inclined to renovate their homes instead of selling and buying bigger homes.

The owner of this home decided to transform a studio into a one-bedroom with storage units, a separate kitchen, and a decent-sized bedroom. The architects divided the space into four zones, and aggregated the storage units into the center of the home. Sliding doors were added to the storage cubes to further the multi-functionality of the space.

I am particularly fond of this space’s floor plan. All of the essential parts of a home are segregated to maximize efficiency and space within this apartment. The space looks significantly bigger with the storage-unit island sitting in the middle of the room. It makes it seem as though there is a long hallway that leads from the entrance to the bedroom, but they are in fact next to each other.

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