Rolu by Chiaki Murata
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Rolu is a minimal design created by Osaka-based designer Chiaki Murata of hers for Metaphys. Murata has created some of Japan’s most iconic designs, and, along with his profession as an industrial designer, is a professor at the University of Arts and Design in Kyoto as well. He is a strong advocate of social responsibility and sustainability, and is constantly pushing the envelope for his designs to adhere to these ethics. 

Rolu functions as an on-the-go memo holder with a single brass bar holding down the paper. There are perforated edges along the length of the paper in increments of 10cm each, perfect for taking down directions, to-do lists, or grocery lists. The design is influenced by Metaphys’ popular Corda pen, and uses the same material and production process. The design comes in white, black, and orange.

I’m the type of person who still likes to use pen and paper for taking notes and checking off to-do lists. Rolu is an efficient and elegant solution to scribble down ideas and musings. Functionality aside, the design is beautifully minimal, yet uniquely sophisticated and mysterious. At first glance, it takes a second to figure out how Rolu functions, and then it all makes perfect sense.

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