SDB25 by Apollo Architects and Associates

SDB25 is a minimal home located in Seounbuk-gu, Seoul, designed by Apollo Architects and Associates. The house is located in the northern residential districts of Seoul with historical landmarks and traditional Korean housing. Located on a sloping ground, the residence maximizes its 330 square meter site by expanding the foundation underground.

Three alleys surround the home while the interior opens up into a courtyard. Four grassy areas are scattered throughout the inside of the site in order to provide an ambient internal experience. The rest of the home upholds to the architect’s style of stark concrete and hardwood lined ceilings.

I love the idea of having internal courtyards; although they require a sizable plot of land, they vastly improve the overall atmosphere of the home, and give the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Although some of Apollo Architects and Associates’ previous designs may have had interiors that were overly stark and unwelcoming, this home has the perfect balance between the coldness of concrete and warmness of dark wood.

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