Slice by Boneli

Boneli is a UK furniture company who “offers elegant solutions that enhance style and comfort at home and in the office.” From luxury sofas to coffee tables, their passion lies in making unique, high-quality items “that help customers create signature contemporary interiors.”

Slice, designed by Boneli, is a beautifully minimal sofa that was launched at 100% Design in London. Boneli focuses on the key aspects of luxury furnishings: customization, quality, comfort, and design. Since the Skim Milk column talks all about the beauty of minimalism, it would only be appropriate to delve deeper into this sofa’s unique and elegant aesthetic.

Designer chairs proliferate the world of modern furniture each year, but hardly is there ever a sofa that can catch the same amount of attention. Slice is a sofa that not only grabs hold of your attention, but surfaces a poignant desire and intrigue for it as well. Inspired by the protective exterior shells of armadillos and turtles, the outer surface of the sofa creates the support while the inner cushions provide the comfort. Although the concept itself is rather basic, the sofa’s design is enveloped with an idiosyncratic style coupled with an inimitable flair. Clean lines define the sofa’s minimalistic form, while its two-tone contrasts emphasize its structure.

Simply put, the sofa looks amazing from any angle with its refined lines and immaculate details. Slice is also quite modular, and variations include a corner, arm, center, and footstool module. In addition, the length of the center module is customizable, and the cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

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