Smart Console by André Schelbach

Smart Console is a minimalist desk designed by German-based designer André Schelbach for Yomei. Introduced at IMM Cologne 2012, this desk features a plethora of functionality including storage space, power outlets, and wire management. The console is ostensibly minimalist and sleek, but all of the components are hidden inside.

The velvet-lined drawers are perfect to store and power up any electronic peripheries such as cell phones, hard drives, and music players. Variably positioned magnets are used to organize wires; the cables can be run underneath the desk through a metal frame which are kept completely invisible from the user.

The console is incredibly customizable with 32 different surface materials and three different metal leg designs: chrome, smoked chrome, and satin chrome. The desk, which can be used as an entrance console or an office workstation also come in three different sizes – 100cm, 120cm, and 140cm. There needs to be more desks and workstations that function as well as Yomei’s Smart Console. We live in a generation where practically everyone owns a computer, and wires are frustratingly abundant. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more wire managing, powered up desks in the near future.

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