Skim Milk: Steamer Set by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc.

04.26.12 | By
Skim Milk: Steamer Set by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc.

Steamer Set, designed by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc, is a modern interpretation of the traditional steamer. Steaming food has been at the core of traditional Chinese cooking, but the Chinese steamer has hardly seen any change to its aesthetic, until now. This new rendition reinterprets the classic steamer into a modernized and functional design.

Made of fire-proof ceramic, the steamer is less susceptible to temperature changes than regular stoneware. The steamer can be used inside an oven, gas stove, or microwave without any risk to its composition. Terracotta material is also used for its liquid absorbing properties. The bamboo base allows the steamer to absorb just the right amount moisture during steaming.

What I love most about this steamer is the material and color composition. The clean white mixed with the natural wood looks just as beautiful architecturally as it does with this steamer set. The Steamer Set is a recipient of many awards including Good Design and International Forum.

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