Traverso Table by Francesco Faccin
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Traverso Table, designed by Francesco Faccin for Valsecchi1918, is divided into two separate parts which can be manufactured in either glass or wood. Upon dismantling, the Traverso Table takes up virtually no space. The designer describes the center beam as the key element to the table’s structural and aesthetic integrity.

The exaggeration of the beam exemplifies Faccin’s design ideology in which the principal structural and mechanical elements are as much the necessities as they are the niceties. The table is considered a tribute to the rare Frate table, designed by Enzo Mari. The base structure is made of ash wood.

I feel as though you would need to be up close and personal with the Traverso Table in order to appreciate its design to the fullest. The details of how the legs, top structure, and center beam are all hinged separately, yet look completely uniform from a distance. It’s satisfying to see all of the pieces fit together so perfectly.

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