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At this year’s ICFF, Skram Furniture Company unveiled their newest American-made modern furniture. Much like its previous designs, all the pieces are created using sustainable practices, extraordinary workmanship, and innovative design.

Skram erwo_side-view

V5 Rocker_Timber is a completely new addition to the Skram line and is the solid wood version of the V5 Rocker. It is offered as an alternative to the existing leather sling seat and back version of the rocker, and instead has a carved timber seat and mid-height back. For those who want a unique version, you can request the V5 Rocker_Timber in a special timber option.

Skram L01_erwo_rear

Skram L01_erwo_side

L01 Lineground Armchair is the re-launched improvement on Skram’s signature armchair, which was first released in 2006. It has enhanced ergonomics, contract grade durability and a lower price with the same high-quality workmanship. Skram recently invested in different manufacturing processes and tooling that allows them to offer the same quality furniture for a larger audience.

Skram P42_alt2_pepperwood_burl

Skram P42_dtl2_pepperwood_burl

The Piedmont Sideboard is a limited edition offering that’s a customizable, made-to-order sideboard that combines modern design with traditional techniques and materials. It has hand-matched veneer work that’s complemented by the maple inlay corners and edges. Piedmont Sideboard has no standard options, and is offered in a multitude of burls and metal finishes.

Skram P50_51_duo_2revised

Skram P50_detail

Along with the sideboard is the Piedmont Elliptical Low Table, which is a bold addition to the company’s collection. Its strong metal finish and clean look is simple, yet not simplistic, austere yet still approachable.

Skram PS1_PS2_PS3

Skram PS3_detail

Piedmont #1 Stools have the same aesthetic as the low tables, with a design that’s durable yet distinctive. It comes in three standard sizes so that it can provide seating for a dining table, counter, or bar. The seat has reinforced belting leather slings and a steel and timber structure.

Skram W33_rosewood_secondary

Skram W33_rosewood_front

The Wishbone Nightstand/Side Table combines slender lines, an elegant cantilever, and asymmetrical proportioning to create a modernistic table with a dramatic effect. It comes in two different widths and can be made with all standard or custom Skram wood and metal finish options.

Skram LBX_duo_red_gum

Skram LBX_walnut1

Littlebox is exactly what it sounds like. Made with repurposed wood scrap offcuts from their manufacturing process, Littlebox is a convenient storage item that can be used within the home, or when taking trips to the markets. It has a utilitarian look that’s inspired by the lunch boxes of construction workers.

Skram  gill-wallshelf_drawer_2

Skram gill-wallshelf_group_1

Gil Shelving System is Skram’s wall-mounted shelf system that’s made from a single piece of folded steel, with military grade wire rope and copper compression fittings. It comes in three different widths and with an optional drawer accessory. The drawer is secured without tools and instead attaches via rare earth magnets.

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