Sogum Huchuhuchu by Jaemin Jaeminlee

Sogum Huchuhuchu is a minimalist design created by Korean-based designer Jaemin Jaeminlee. The aesthetic of Sogum Huchuhuchu is supposed to imitate the shape of a spoon. The function of the design is to allow users to deposit small amounts of salt or pepper into the recessed area of the spoon. Not only does this allow the user to have more control over how much salt or pepper needs to be dispensed, but also gives him/her a visual cue of the amount of salt or pepper being used for future reference.


The design is useful because it prevents waste by allowing one to return the leftover salt or pepper back into the shaker. If you poured too much salt into the spoon, all you need to do is tilt the shaker back into the grip to get rid of the excess salt. The storage portion of the shaker also conveniently serves as a handle for the user.


There have been numerous times in which I would over-season my food due to a lack of control from the traditional salt and pepper shakers. There is also a prevalent problem with traditional salt shakers in which the humidity from a recently-cooked meal will eventually build up and clog the openings at the top of the shaker. This design would seem to circumnavigate that issue entirely. With that said, I love that its multi-functionality does not encumber its minimalist design.








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