Sonny Portable Bidet by Box Clever

Sonny has created a minimalist bidet designed by San Francisco-based studio Box Clever. Toilet paper is an antiquated and unsustainable necessity to an everyday human activity. As an alternative solution, Sonny wanted to create a portable and handheld bidet to revolutionize bathroom hygiene.

The result is a portable bidet that utilizes the cleansing power of water by creating a multi-mode pressurized spray that drastically reduces the amount of paper required. Box Clever was tasked in designing a premium alternative to flushable wipes that could live discreetly in any bathroom, and would require no plumbing or installation.

The device is easy to use: simply charge, fill the reservoir with water, and power on. The nozzle is removable for easy cleaning and is finished with an antibacterial coating. In addition, Sonny has partnered with DROP4DROP, a charitable organization that focuses its efforts on the 40% of the world that does not have access to adequate toilets and proper sanitation.

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