Stockholm Creative Edition: New Initiative Showcasing the Best of Swedish Design

07.01.21 | By
Stockholm Creative Edition: New Initiative Showcasing the Best of Swedish Design

Stockholm Creative Edition is an event dedicated to select Swedish design exhibiting from September 23-29, 2021, organized by multi-disciplinary studio Atmosfär by Attar. With an entire city activated, showrooms, studios, exhibitions and pop-up spaces around Stockholm will showcase some of Sweden’s best designs.

After more than a year without in-person contact, the core of Stockholm Creative Edition is largely a rekindling of social interaction through the creation of a safe physical meeting space. As such, Vasakronan will serve as a partner in the project, highlighting newly renovated premises in a regenerated area of Stockholm known as Sergelstan.

”We believe there’s a longing for more sensual ways of showing design that really draws attention to Swedish design and puts it at the forefront. We are especially looking forward to using Stockholm as an exhibition backdrop and creating a context where the whole city opens up and shows its most generous and welcoming side,” say Atmosfär by Attar.

Participating companies for this coming year include: Abstracta, Asplund, Astrid, Atelier Sandemar, Beckmans College of Design, Bolon, Dry Studios, Fogia, Galleri Glas, Gemla, Klong, Lammhults, Massproductions, New Day, Ogeborg, Per Söderberg/No Early Birds, Pholc, Reform Lab, Sweden Green House, Tarkett, Vandra Rugs, and Örsjö to name a few.

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