Supersoft Modular Sofa by Note Design Studio

Supersoft is a modular sofa designed by Stockholm-based atelier Note Design Studio for Fogia. The conception of the sofa began when the studio took a trip to Italy only to realize the softness and comfort of southern European furniture in comparison to the more ascetic strictness of Scandinavian design.

Drawing on Fogia’s expertise in upholstered furniture, the studio spent an extended period of time developing what would become a comfortable sofa system that would comprise 20 modules. Accompanying the sofas is a companion collection of striking accessories, dubbed Supersolid, that perfectly complement the sofas in dimension and function.

As described by Note Design Studio: “the range includes adaptable pieces that are built for function but artistic in their expression, making them ideal for both home and office scenarios. Not restricted to a single function, Supersolid pieces are what you make them.”

Photography by Frida-My Sundqvist.

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