Tait Lets You Build a Modern Wall of Plants with GardenWall

02.14.18 | By
Tait Lets You Build a Modern Wall of Plants with GardenWall

Tait launched their GardenWall stackable planters 10 years ago and to mark the anniversary, they enlisted The Planthunter’s Georgina Reid to design a limited edition version. The collection of lightweight aluminum planters are outfitted with laser cut designs around the sides that allow the plants to grow through, whether it’s just one planter alone, a tall column, or a wall of them. Reid’s new design, Terrain, incorporates her love of landscape topographies and an interest in the work of Roberto Burle Marx, a late Brazilian landscape architect.

Over the years, Marx’ landscape design plans have become works of art and his approach continues to inspire Reid’s fondness for patterns of the earth you’d see from looking down from above. Those topographical patterns became the basis for the laser cut patterns on the 10th anniversary edition, which is limited to just 100 planters.

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