Take a Peek at the Latest Installations from Hello Wood

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Take a Peek at the Latest Installations from Hello Wood

Hello Wood is an architecture camp in Hungary that brings together over 100 architecture students for a weeklong immersion with their craft. Students are challenged to create and execute ideas with their mentors based on a central theme – this year’s was “BALANCE, something we have lost in our modern lives.” A few years ago we featured the Tiger installation, but this year we take a look at all the awe-inspiring installations from this year.

hello wood- SPACEship

SPACEship is a high-tech wood version of a spaceship that balances between seriousness and playfulness, and is chock-full of dualities.

hello wood-accordian -2

hello wood-accordian

Accordion is a large, square-like building that has a slatted cover, where light streams through like a curtain. You can climb to the top to get a nice view, or meditate inside for a more peaceful experience.

hello wood- forcefields

It may look like a walkway out of the Game of Thrones, but Forcefields is an installation inspired by the skateparks of LA. Users can choose to sit and relax, stand solo in the middle, or walk to the top of the installation.

hello wood-spikefort

Watch out y’all! Spikefort is exactly what it sounds like – a tower covered with kaleidoscopic elements set in an edgy, tiling motion.

hello wood- shower power

Inspired by last year’s Hello Wood, SHOWER-POWER was borne out of the desire to cool down during hot days under the sun. The non-waterproof wood works in the installation’s favor – that way water leaks from every possible direction to cool you down.

hello wood- playground

hello wood- playground 2

Playground is exactly what it sounds like. The creators made it a space to play and work, where there are at least 20 games you can play!

hello wood- mochi 2

hello wood- mochi

Inspired by a Japanese dessert, Mochi is an installation that plays with viscosity, stretch, and firmness. Its objective is to be the perfect place for gathering socially.

hello wood- labirynth

Labirynth is an examination between a human-made and natural labyrinth. Its structure echoes that philosophy, and is built in a way to not abuse its surroundings.

hello wood- FABRICK

FABRICK is based on the idea of no waste. Composed of all the leftover wood from Hello Wood, it’s a contrast between a smooth, sanded surface and a raw, scraggy exterior that opens up to the sky.

hello wood- tumbleweed

Tumbleweed is made by using knotting techniques, that result in a light, paper-like structure that stays strong and balanced.

hello wood- fireball

Fireball is the result of experimenting with different balloon prototypes that will float using hot air. The result was a large, diamond-shaped balloon with an ethereal twist.

hello wood-barny

Made of three frames and no walls, Barny veers on the unusual side. It looks at heritage in a playful, modern way with contemporary architecture.

hello wood-woodwox

hello wood-woodwox 3

Woodwox is a totem pole, where its looming strings create ancient-inspired sounds. The creators worked with sound professionals and instrument makers to create this giant instrument with its own personality.

hello wood- cornwalk 2jpg

hello wood- corn walk

Earthy and organic, Corn-walk is inspired by the landscape. The 40 meter long installation gives the phrase “taking a walk” a whole new meaning.

hello wood- all-2

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