Tavo Is Revolutionizing the Way We Travel With Our Pets

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Tavo Is Revolutionizing the Way We Travel With Our Pets

From the makers of Nuna, a household name every parent knows when it comes to top-of-the-line baby gear, Tavo is poised to change the way we travel with our pets. For many families, pets aren’t just pets – they are intensely loved members of the family who deserve the same level of safety and comfort when traveling as babies and children do. With Tavo’s new Maeve™ Pet Protection System, they’ll receive just that.

dog sitting in pet carrier in car

Drawing upon decades of research, development, testing, and engineering from Nuna, Tavo created a system to seamlessly take your pets from home to car to adventure. The Maeve™ Pet Protection System consists of a carrier and a vehicle base for the carrier, similar to a child’s carseat. Those who have travel needs beyond the car can opt for the Roscoe™ stroller frame. Together, the Maeve™ and Roscoe™ create Tavo’s 3-in-1 Pet Protection System, giving pet owners complete ease when on the go with their furry family members. To achieve the highest degree of safety and protection, Tavo uses the latest United Nations ECE child restraint standards to benchmark their rigorous testing. Pet parents can travel with a peace of mind, knowing their companions are safely secured.

dog sitting in pet carrier in car

man carrying a dog in a pet carrier

vehicle base for a pet carrier in a car

woman pushing dog in stroller

dog sitting in pet carrier

man pushing dog in a stroller

woman pushing white dog in pet carrier on stroller

Like Nuna, Tavo also prioritizes aesthetics and comfort. The carrier is available in five colorways (Onyx, Fawn, Merle, Sable, and Brindle) while the strollers are accented with vegan leather details in black, cognac, and chocolate.

pet carriers in a tan color way

pet carriers in a black color way

pet carriers in a beige color way

child pushing a white dog in a black carrier and stroller

dog in black carrier on the ground

white dog in black pet carrier

dog getting into black pet carrier

woman carrying a pet carrier

man adjusting a black pet carrier on stroller frame

man carrying a pet stroller

man getting a dog into a black pet carrier

The Maeve™ is priced starting at $700 while the Maeve™ and Roscoe™ 3-in-1 Pet Protection System bundle starts at $1000. The Roscoe™ Stroller Frame is available separately from $400, as is the vehicle Base from $195. Pre-orders are now available at

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