TCG Olympia Pack for 2015 Autumn/Winter

Thoroughly Crafted Goods, aka TCG, is the new name of the footwear brand formerly known as Thorocraft, a California-based company who built their reputation on shoes that toed the line between fashion and function. They’ve pivoted with a recent name change, expanding their catalog to include a new line of handcrafted sneakers with a runner’s profile and ergonomics in mind.


At first the new TCG Stadion Runners seem pretty substantial for a running shoe. But in fact both the mid and low height versions of these runners are attuned to the recent trend in running to move away from severely minimalist midsoles and return back to shock-absorption materials.

Thus the Stadion Runners sit on top of a platform of a high-rebound compound to reduce any shock to the joints while a Lycra sock-fit system snuggles into the heel tab and counter, hugging the feet securely with or without socks. And thankfully they’ve kept their signature copper rivet, a detail which marks the limited and hand constructed nature of TCG’s footwear. The combination all adds up to a sneaker which appears to be fit for fashionably forward attire while also thoroughly comfortable run when the need requires a sprint forward…no necessarily shoes you’ll run a marathon in, but could wear comfortably between mileage sessions in style.


Details coming forward at the TCG website.

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