Temp Stirs Interest as a Smarter Cooking Utensil
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Seasoned chefs can determine the doneness of foods with just a poke or touch. Designer Jack O’Farrell recognizes the majority of home cooks cannot rely upon this feat requiring years of experience. O’Farrell’s Temp smart cooking utensil is an ingenious solution that offers anyone the ability to measure cooking temperatures accurately in the form factor of a utensil rather than a traditional measuring device.

Essentially a digital thermometer inside an all-black heat resistant spoon, the Temp is envisioned to help home cooks determine whether boiling liquids and sauces have reached proper temperatures with just a stir; a hidden needle-style thermometer can also be removed from the spoon’s handle for taking readings when poked directly into meats and vegetables. Temperatures are displayed both using LED indicators at the top of the Temp’s handle and also via connected app.

From Jack O’Farrell/Designer of Temp:

I didn’t exactly want [the Temp] to fit in with the kitchen utensil feel. I want Temp to be seen as a gadget, as a pivotal ingredient to any kitchen cooking experience. In order to do this I needed it to be bold and have its own attitude, something to separate it from the usual look and feel of kitchen utensils.

Temp is currently only a concept, but one that seems ripe for a larger cooking utensil manufacturer like OXO or KitchenAid to license. Or perhaps better yet, a design to launch the career of this young designer’s own line of smart kitchen tools.

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