The A’ Design Awards & Competition Presents Its 2019 Winners

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The A’ Design Awards & Competition Presents Its 2019 Winners

The results are in! The A’Design Award & Competition has selected all of its 2019 winners and we’re sharing some of our favorites below.

Before we celebrate some of the recipients of the award, you should know that registration for 2019-2020 A’ Design Award & Competition is already open. This is a prestigious competition that offers designers a platform to share their designs in front of the world stage and obtain feedback from a judging process with a grand jury panel composed of academics, press members, fellow designers, and industry experts. There are more than 100 different categories of design awards so there’s a place for everyone to submit their work as a concept, prototype, or finished product. In addition to receiving an award trophy, the winners receive extensive PR and publicity from media partners, inclusion in the annual yearbook, an invitation to a grand gala for a night of celebrating and networking, inclusion in world design rankings, the opportunity to actually sell their winning design, and so much more. There is no shortage of reasons why designers should take advantage of this opportunity. Learn more here.

Finally, here are some of our favorite 2019 winners of the A’ Design Award & Competition, ranging from architecture and interiors to lighting and furniture:

Bandage Sofa by Olga Bogdanova and Elena Prokhorova

Goccia Container by Giuliano Ricciardi

Photo by Ewa Malmsten Nordell

Astron Shape Shifting Rug Shape Shifting Rug by Ingrid Kulper

Geometric Wave Bar Bar and Seating by Giorgio Canale

Grid Table by Mian Wei

Photo by Junting Liu

Modular Desk Design Table by Yuanyuan Yang

Photo by Gooren

Manifold Bench Public Seating by Dening He

Photo by Inkyu Oh

Deskware Item-integrated Desk by Bonghyun Lee

Shell Sofa by Natalia Komarova

Round Home Decorative Objects by Patapian Studio Co. Ltd

A-Stool Bar Stool by Dmitry Kozachyshyn

Qiyi Leisure Chair Novel and Comfortable Chair by Wei Jingye, Zhu Zhenbang and Wang Da

Schweben Seat by Omar Idriss

Opposites In Unity Candleholder and Vases by Firo Wang – Siince2020 Design Team

FlexSit Stool by Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo

Vessel Aromatherapy Diffuser by Bryan Leung and Rock Leung

Photo by Aya Wind

Elegant Flower Vase Decorative Stand by Ilana Seleznev

PetMoblant Mobile Planter by Toofic Matta

M50 Art Hotel Art Hotel by Yun LU – MUDA-Architects

Olah Light by Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery

There are so many more winners and designs we haven’t shared yet! See the full list of winners here and get a head start for the next competition here. Congrats to all!

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