The Beat Boxed: The Stone Roses
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Isn’t it funny when a timely but unanticipated exposure to two seemingly unique things allows you a new perspective where you recognize just how similar they actually are? Well that is exactly what happened when I was introduced to Derriere, a fabulous new hotspot in Paris just before I purchased the brand spanking new 20th Anniversary The Stone Roses box set. The restaurant/private club is one of the hottest spots in Paris and the creation of Mourad Mazouz, the mastermind behind Sketch and Momo. It’s not that the design is the most beautiful or elegant, you might even say its “Euro Trashed”, but it’s offering up something that no one else has. This space is divided into individual rooms, taking on insanely unique vibes, each with their own identity, and styles combined so imperfectly that it feels like you’re stepping into your friends’ place. Now if your friends happened to be rock stars, they must be The Stone Roses!


Listen to “I Wanna Be Adored” by The Stone Roses:

The Stone Roses are the quintessential Eurotrash band, or at least that’s what my hipster friends say. With legendary guitar riffs, psychedelic bass funk, and indecipherable lyrics, it’s hard to describe them without breaking into “I Wanna Be Adored.” However, the Stone Roses really could care less if you loved them or hated them. This is the same idea behind Eurotrash, which is a style where you must appreciate the little details even if the little details are just wrong. When there’s something so endearing about a dingy dark little apartment in Manchester that has you wishing your own room looked just like it. With those splatter painted floors, ripped cushions, faded sofa, and mirrors so dirty you can barely see your reflection, you question for a second, but soon realize this look didn’t just happen by itself. You will soon find yourself lost in the details of each and every piece.


1. Flower of Love Wallpaper 2. Stag Chandelier 3. Belle Notte Curtain Panel 4. Eleanor Frameless Mirror 5. Community Drawers 6. Lee Broom Luminaire Bergere Side Chair 7. Pacifica Sofa 8. Paint Splattered Floor 9. Studio Morning Rug by Henzel 10. Gnome Side Table 11. Ping Pong Table 12. Paint Splatter on Ping Pong Table 13. Kartell LCP Chair

[Top photos: Australian Vogue Living ]

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