The Black, White, and Blue Residence C.L. by W&Li Design

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The Black, White, and Blue Residence C.L. by W&Li Design

W&Li Design took a different approach with the layout of Residence C.L., an apartment located in Taipei City, Taiwan. The original 1980s design left the rooms dark and uninviting resulting in the need for a new solution. To connect the spaces, they designed a floor plan with walls set to 45 degrees so the interior flowed, while delivering sufficient ventilation and natural light.

The new layout also made way for three independent bedrooms and a shared bathroom whose doors are disguised in blue. The blue switches to white in the living room where a wall of minimalist cabinets surround the television.

The interior combines black details with white and blue surfaces for a bold graphic design that keeps you visually invested.

The geometric tile in the kitchen and dining room brings all the colors together in an unexpected way.

The master bedroom benefits from a glass panel that separates it from the master bathroom. The bathroom flanks an exterior wall with a large window that lets lots of natural light into both spaces.

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