The Dedicate Lamp Cranes Above the Rest With Its Versatility

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The Dedicate Lamp Cranes Above the Rest With Its Versatility

Oftentimes non-professionals approach lighting as a singular solution rather than an orchestrated effort requiring primary, secondary, and ambient light sources to illuminate and conjure a mood within their space. That might be partially attributed to the fact most lamp designs limit the possibilities and applications as a light source. The same cannot be said about Thomas Bentzen’s Dedicate Lamp system for Muuto – a light that can stand, clamp, mount, and pin itself onto a myriad of surfaces.

Olive green and brown pin mounted desk lamp with spring arm and small LED light.

Unsurprisingly the classic architect’s lamp – a design that permeated the designer’s education, work, and home – played prominently as inspiration for Bentzen’s Dedicate design. But equally so, the Danish designer delved into finding a mechanical muse of form and function from an immensely larger scale: the industrial crane.

Olive green and brown pin mounted desk lamp with spring arm and small LED light illuminating a roll of yellow paper.

“When you look at Dedicate Lamp, I think you see the way it refers to the classic industrial crane principles. The design intuitively tells you how it moves, about the gravity and forces at work. Creating and showcasing this expression has been a bit of an obsession for me,“ Thomas Bentzen says.

Two olive green and brown pin mounted desk lamps with spring arm and small LED light with small desk partition and red-orange curtains in the background.

Bentzen began the design in 2018, and over a five year span explored a myriad of forms and iterations to eventually settle upon a lighting solution not limited to a single lamp, but three models with the choice of four different bases – Table Clamp, Wall Mount, Table Pin, and Table Base.

“Design wise, it has been about playing with this kind of iconic form, but adapted till today’s light sources to create something that elevates function without losing track of the original idea. It should feel like a nod to its pre- decessor,” Thomas Bentzen says.

Black base desk lamp with spring arm and small LED light.

Black clamp base desk lamp with spring arm and small LED light.

Close up of black base desk lamp's spring arm joint mechanism

The spring-armed aluminum body and machined steel base LED light is equipped to operate just like any other traditional desk lamp, but additionally, as a swing arm sconce or secondary light source well equipped to be angled toward walls or aimed as spot lighting. Alongside its handsomely realized design, the option to completely avoid placement across a surface opens a world of application beyond a typical desk lamp.

Olive green and brown desk lamp with spring arm and small LED light, equipped with wall mount

A wall-mount option allows the Dedicate to completely liberate itself from the horizontal plane and find a home across walls or other vertical surfaces where the light can deliver its glow with focused attention.

Bentzen also points a finger at designers too often captivated by the inherent sleek minimalism of LED light sources, resulting in awkward “lampshades with equally minimal, flat proportions” prone to glare and unflattering light.

“One of our missions with this project has been to design a shade that minimizes the chicanery on our coworkers,” notes Bentzen jokingly. But while he may throw shade in jest, harsh lighting is no joke, and his unique system proposes a desk lamp with aspirations for more.

Close up of push button switch positioned across a black lamp's die-casted aluminum lamp head.

A simple push button switch is positioned across the lamp’s die-casted aluminum lamp head.

The Muuto Dedicate is available in Black or Brown Green and three different sizes, ranging in price between $445 and $549, with four different base options to choose from. More info at

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