The Future Perfect Presents Casa Perfect in New York City

03.21.19 | By
The Future Perfect Presents Casa Perfect in New York City

The Future Perfect presents Casa Perfect New York, a private appointment-only gallery located in a residential townhouse in the West Village in New York City. The exceptional residential space spans five stories, serving as a notable solution to the increasing irrelevance of traditional retail.

The space, which serves as both a residence and gallery in one, is characterized by an experiential and unique space to view culturally important works that include one-of-a-kind and custom contemporary design pieces.

The focal point of the home is a sculptural staircase designed by British architect David Chipperfield. As described by founder David Alhadeff, “As soon as I opened Casa Perfect in Los Angeles, I immediately knew I wanted to replicate the concept in New York. The most crucial step was finding the right space to bring the concept to life in an authentic way that felt true to The Future Perfect’s vision.”

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