The Interactive Grid-Bonsai That Will Always Stay Alive

10.10.19 | By
The Interactive Grid-Bonsai That Will Always Stay Alive

Grid-Bonsai is a minimalist sculpture designed by Tokyo-based studio Nendo. Bonsai, the traditional Japanese art of cultivating small plants that mimic full-size trees, are shaped by bending and pruning branches until they reach their desired appearance.

Works by bonsai masters are sometimes sold for extremely high prices, but due to their rarity and prestige, they are seldom found outside of Japan due to rigorous Japanese agricultural import restrictions. Additionally, proper care of the tree requires significant professional expertise.

Nendo wanted to create a solution in which the objects would be user-friendly, non-living, and have no import restrictions. The result is a bonsai in the form of an interactive three dimensional objects that can be easily trimmed using a pair of bonsai scissors. There are seven types of objects that reference well-known bonsai trees.

Photography by Akihiro Yoshida.

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