The Minimalist by CAPSULE

The Minimalist is a minimal wallet designed by Los Angeles-based company CAPSULE. Simply put, there are practically no well-designed wallets that are clean, affordable, and high-quality all in one package. The Minimalist not only encompasses these characteristics, but extends these qualities well beyond the standard. The Minimalist is able to find solutions for most any problem related to thin wallets including where to store cash and having bulky auxiliary pieces such as metal clips or magnets removed.


The quality of the wallet is immediately seen before the package is even opened. A luxurious box with the CAPSULE emblem encloses a micro-cloth that is neatly wrapped around the wallet. In order to obtain the soft feel and lasting durability, the material used for the Minimalist is a top-grade full-grain calfskin nappa leather that has been expertly finished. Reinfored stitches are placed at the stress points while the edges are sealed with a finish coating for added wear protection.

The designer made an effort to focus on slimming down the wallet as much as possible. As a result, there is a front pocket that holds one or two of the most important cards while the middle opens up to fit up to five credit cards. The wallet has a patent pending design to hold cash called the CashStrap. The CashStrap is essentially a slender strip that runs across the wallet allowing for easy access and removal of cash folded in half.









Leo Lei translates his passion for minimalism into his daily-updated blog Leibal. In addition, you can find uniquely designed minimalist objects and furniture at the Leibal Store.