The Quasar Portable Lamp Balances Tech + Usefulness

Over the course of two years, Arles, France-based Samy Rio toiled over a lighting design. He was searching for a balance between the boundaries of technology and a product that was efficient and useful, all while looking good of course. Quasar – a contraction of ‘quasi-stellar’ – seemed like the right name for his portable lamp. Rio’s end design for Petite Friture is bright and creative, perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

outdoor terrace with dining table and four chairs

The duality of Rio’s training – cabinet-making and industrial design – allows him to bring together industry and craftsmanship in his work. High-quality anodized aluminum makes Quasar both resistant to the weather and sustainable. A dimmer with three settings gives the lamp even more versatility: use it inside in your living space or next to a child’s bed at night. Outside it fits in on a patio, balcony, or poolside. Quasar can easily move around with you, just hang it somewhere or place it on any surface. Each available color – Sienna, Emerald green, Olive green, Black, and Aluminum – is paired with its own unique cord for one last touch of playfulness.

grassy area next to swimming pool with overstuffed furniture and lamps

outdoor space with coffee table, green chairs, and lamps

five variously colored portable lamps on white background

aluminum portable lamp on white background

red portable lamp on white background

olive green portable lamp on white background

blue portable lamp on white background

black portable lamp on white background

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