The Ryo Kan Boutique Hotel in Mexico City by GLVDK

04.11.19 | By
The Ryo Kan Boutique Hotel in Mexico City by GLVDK

Ryo Kan is a minimalist boutique hotel located in Mexico City, Mexico, designed by GLVDK. The hospitality concept features ten different residences and a terrace that includes Japanese thermal baths overlooking the city.

The concept was born from the contextual analysis of the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, an area of Mexico City known for the density of its Asian community. Nearby are some of the country’s best offerings of Japanese cuisine.

An interior courtyard provides abundant natural light to both the main lounge area as well as a portion of the residences. An array of white ropes hang from above, playfully casting abstract shadows beneath. The residences feature minimalist wooden furniture with rattan headboards on each bed frame, which allows light to penetrate through without compromise to privacy.

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