The Scoop: Brit Morin and Pixel
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Brit Morin is the smart, witty, and lovely mastermind behind one of me new favorite lifestyle websites, HelloBrit. Her beautiful site “seeks to curate and create innovative new ways for busy, but inspired people to live more simply, beautifully and creatively. The goal is to show people how to add order to the chaos of their daily lives in a fun, easy and elegant way.” Brit is a tech lover that has called “the Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley,” and is a true inspiration for female entrepreneurs everywhere. Recently she’s made time in her busy schedule to bring a new love into her life, her 7-month-old puppy named Pixel. Enjoy The Scoop on Brit and Pixel.

Name? Pixel

Nicknames? Pix, Pixie, Pixelhead, Pixeltown

Age? 7 months

Breed? Mini Bernedoodle

What’s “The Scoop?” My husband and I have always had a thing for Bernese mountain dogs — they are stunning animals. Yet, however stunning they may be, they are pretty gargantuan creatures. We simply couldn?t keep a 100lb+ dog in our two bedroom apartment. One day, after discussing our conundrum, we wondered if ?mini Bernese mountain dogs? existed. We typed that exact phrase into Google, and low-and-behold, the first result was a link to a site for mini bernedoodles. We were immediately intrigued, and once we saw photos of past pups, put a deposit in immediately. The waitlist was long and it took nearly a year before we got the email that our puppy had been born — oddly enough, just hours after my husband?s beloved grandmother had passed away in her sleep. You know what they say: ?When one door closes, another opens…?

Favorite Toy? Hide-a-Squirrel

Favorite Food? Chicken tenders

Favorite place to sleep? On the marble in front of our fireplace. (It’s the coldest spot in the house, perfect for a dog with so much fluff!)

Weirdest quirk? Always sleeps on his back or with frog legs.

Pet Peeves? Not getting enough attention. :)

Best trick? High five.

Gear? QR code collar, leash luggage, laser etched “Pixel” dog bowl

If your dog were another animal, what animal would that be? A teddy bear (does that count?) He’s just as furry and lovable as one!

I know you’re a woman who loves her tech products. Does tech play a role in your relationship with Pixel? Absolutely! Apart from his QR code collar, I also custom-etched his dog bowl with a laser cutting machine (and designs I drew up in Illustrator). We also have a Dropcam that we keep next to his cage so that we can virtually monitor him from our iPhones when we leave. Oh, and we decided on his doggie daycare location based on the fact that they have a live web cam that we use to keep an eye on him at work each day :)