The Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag: Dog Walking Made Easy

02.28.20 | By
The Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag: Dog Walking Made Easy

We’ve all been there: Your pup wants to go for a walk the moment you get home, but you have to run around trying to find and gather everything you need to take them out. Spruce Pup has seen you and created a leash bag so you never have to make your dog wait on you again.

The Grab & Go Leash Bag is designed to carry all of the essentials you need for you and your dog’s next adventure. It’s got a zipper pouch (perfect for treats!), easy-to-get-to doggie bag storage, and an inner pouch to store your leash — created so the leash doesn’t get tangled when it’s put away.

The bag also has some space for you, too! It holds your cell phone, your ID, and your keys. It’s clear that this bag was made by dog owners for dog owners to make your life — and your pup’s — easier. The Grab & Go Bag has a Kickstarter campaign that runs through March 19th if you’re interested.

While you wait on the Grab & Go Bag, see the other Spruce pet supplies we have in our shop!

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