The Tons Race Table Makes Multi-Tasking a Healthier Habit

10.29.21 | By
The Tons Race Table Makes Multi-Tasking a Healthier Habit

Doing two or three things at once rarely results in a superior outcome compared to dedicating focus and effort singularly. But the reality is multi-tasking is a commonplace rule rather than exception (perhaps even more so this past year plus). Those seeking a way to counteract the negative effects of sitting all day can use standing desks, treadmill desks or under-the-table exercise machines, but these can add an ungainly presence to the home office. The Tons Race Table proposes an aesthetic solution for anyone already committed to the habit of cycling, turning working behind a screen into an opportunity for movement.

If you’ve ever pedaled away on a gym cycling machine, you’ve undoubtedly placed a book, phone or tablet onto a small tray to keep yourself entertained while working up a sweat. The Tons Race Table adds this basic feature for those who rely upon a bicycle trainer instead of a stationary gym machine.

The 3D-printed, plant-based bio-polymer tripod stand is a fairly simple design, one engineered to sit in front of a stationary cyclist pedaling away using a trainer like a tiny standing desk. The surface accommodates for an iPad, iPhone or even a smaller laptop with a small channel to hold screens upright. The three-legged stance composed of solid FSC certified European oak or beech is also wide enough to accommodate the front wheel of a bike to slide in-between.

The optional towel holder (shown above and below) seems more of a necessity than an option when it comes to an activity inviting constant sweat, especially if used as an occasional WFH work+exercise setup similar to a treadmill desk.

The Tons Race Table starts at €199,00, with shipping available to North America and the rest of the world.

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