Turn It Up to 11: Wrigley’s Birthday Wish List

01.14.19 | By
Turn It Up to 11: Wrigley’s Birthday Wish List

Our little old man is turning 11 this week (!!!) and we’re celebrating with ~*all the cozy things*~. Wrigley is fully dedicated to staying comfy these days, as you can see from his wish list. Check out his picks and wish him a happy birthday!

Turn It Up to 11: Wrigley's Birthday Wish List

1. Squeaky Bone Toy from The Foggy Doggy 2. Nice Grill Harness from See Scout Sleep 3. Squiggle Jumper from max bone 4. Pom Pom Cardigan from Ware of the Dog 5. Rainbow Heart Squeak Toy from Dogo 6. Spike Leather Dog Leash from Nice Digs 7. Terrazzo Dog Bowls from Four Legs Four Walls 8. Lavender Bedtime Bear from MODERNBEAST 9. Ollie Blue Bandana from TigerPigCo. 10. Oeuf Rainbow Sweater from For The Furry 11. Bees Knees Dog Bed from LION + WOLF

Happy birthday, little buddy!

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