Vanguard Series by Collective Design x OTHR
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Vanguard Series is a minimalist, 3D printed series initiated by Collective Design x OTHR. Vanguard Series asked five design luminaries to nominate an individual or group they consider the next wave of talent. These chosen designers have each developed a unique vessel created with OTHR’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology, marking their first time working in the medium.

Suple N2 by Guillermo Parada

In a very 21st century process, designer and fabricator developed the projects remotely through digital software and Skype calls, with the designers having access to proprietary technology that OTHR has developed to print in unexpected materials – steel, bronze, and porcelain. The collaboration will foster accessibility to great design while showcasing the potential of emerging technologies in design.

Designs for this series include Tulip by Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Brutus by Egg Collective, God Save the Queen by Marie-Victoire Winckler, Pavilion by Ania Jaworska, and Suple N2 by Guillermo Parada.

God Save the Queen by Marie-Victoire Winckler

Brutus by Egg Collective

Pavilion by Ania Jaworska

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