Volcanic Formations Inspire Fernando Mastrangelo’s MAGMA Mirrors

10.23.19 | By
Volcanic Formations Inspire Fernando Mastrangelo’s MAGMA Mirrors

Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo continues exploring natural forms and textures through a new series of work inspired by volcanic formations. MAGMA becomes an extension of his sculptural work that references the much-debated topic of climate change. The MAGMA mirrors display raw surfaces that look as if liquid magma cooled into the three-dimensional formations.

Mastrangelo says:

For me, the MAGMA series references the global tension and worry in regards to our impending climate crisis. I feel that there is so much pressure rising to the surface and it’s bound to erupt; I hope not in the form of disaster but in the form of energetic action.

MAGMA 01 and MAGMA 02 mirrors are crafted using black sand that’s shaped using Mastrangelo’s signature sculpting technique surrounding gold mirror.

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