Wallet.Type1 by Yeongkyu Yoo

Wallet.Type1 and SlimWallet.Type1 are a series of minimalist wallets created by Seoul and Seattle-based designer Yeongkyu Yoo as part of the cac studio collection. Yeongkyu, known for his minimal and contemporary works such as the Hololens, combined his technological product design background together with that of experienced artisans.

The wallets feature a brand new technology that hides the stitch lines on the leather surface, producing an otherwise impossible minimalist finish that integrates with the artisans’ seamless details. This wallet is an answer to the unsustainable trend of instant products, fast fashion, and even faster consumption. The designer wanted to create a wallet that would be both timeless and enduring.

The two wallet styles, one of which is a billfold and the other a slim single wallet, come in four color variations: Light Gray, Coral, Apricot, and Lilac. The wallets are produced using an 13- and 11-layer construction respectively, each layer contributing to a final singular form. The wallets are all handmade in South Korea.

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