Watering + Can Is the Solution to a Common Problem

Buffalo, New York-based industrial designer Marcus Eisendorf took something he had observed – people watering their houseplants with things other than watering cans – and created a solution. Meet Watering + Can.

Eisendorf noticed a gap in the market, there really weren’t any small functional watering cans available. What he had noticed people using instead were water boilers, measuring cups, and well, cans. The size and shape of an aluminum can fits perfectly in your hand, the amount of water it can hold is enough to water a few plants at a time, and it’s small enough to fit just about anywhere.

He got to work using LaCroix cans to create prototypes. Eventually Eisendorf settled on porcelain as the material and worked on perfecting the spout to make it just so. The curvature of the neck is designed to really get into the plants for a good soaking and the mouth is offset to prevent spillage. The support circle also acts as a hook if you want to hang it when not in use.

Kelly Beall is senior editor at Design Milk. The Pittsburgh-based graphic designer and writer has had a deep love of art and design for as long as she can remember, and enjoys sharing her finds with others. When undistracted by great art and design, she can be found making a mess in the kitchen, consuming as much information as possible, or on the couch with her three pets. Find her @designcrush on social.