Win Method Air Refreshers for A Whole Year + $1,000 Target Gift Card!

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Win Method Air Refreshers for A Whole Year + $1,000 Target Gift Card!
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Holy fresh air, Batman! This is an awesome giveaway. But first, let me tell you a little bit about the sweet prize. When Method reached out to me about their new Air Refreshers, I was like, oh OK…that makes sense. But THEN they sent me some samples and I was blown away (refreshed, you might say?) by the bottle. An air freshener in a clear, plastic bottle! How’d they do that?

Traditionally, air fresheners are in metal containers that conceal how they work and what’s inside, which often consists of a mixture of liquid and a petroleum-based propellant (ew!). Method has totally disrupted the industry by introducing a whole new way to spray, continuously, and they’re not hiding anything, either! Using compressed air, they’ve been able to redefine the air freshener market and create colorful, fragrant and planet-friendly air freshening sprays that actually smell like what they are named: Fresh Clover, Sweet Tangerine, French Lavender, Beach Sage and Wild Poppy.

Stay tuned because next week, we’ll talk to Josh Handy, Method’s Vice President of Product Experience and their chief fragrance officer, Suzanne McCormick, their Senior Director of Fragrance about the design and creation of this innovative new product. Yes, they have a director of fragrance and yes, she DOES smell stuff all day long! More on that later…


So back to the giveaway! Here is the prize up for grabs: a year’s supply of Method Air Refreshers AND a $1,000 Target gift card. SAY WHAT!? Yep. That’s right.

Now that we’ve been exercising more, cooking more and have had the air conditioning on all summer with windows closed, there are a lot of smells up in here, so I use these Air Refreshers about once a week to keep the air inside smelling fresh. So, I wrote some haiku* about my smelly house and using Method:


Because this is such big giveaway, let’s make this extra fun. Why don’t you send me your stinky haiku, too?

To enter to win, fill out the form below. You can also include a stinky haiku (optional). We will share some of our favorites on Twitter.

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Sorry this giveaway has expired.

(Psst… A haiku is a 3-line poem and each line is limited to a specific number of syllables: 5-7-5. It does not need to rhyme.)

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