Woo Collective’s Bar Accessories Swirl Out Bitterness From Wine

08.31.17 | By
Woo Collective’s Bar Accessories Swirl Out Bitterness From Wine

The Woo Collective hopes to revive the traditional Taiwanese craft of working with tin as a primary material in making everyday objects. The collective’s Liquor Perfection collection is a beautiful expression of this intent, a swirling pair of accessories designed to purportedly swirl out the bitterness that sometimes tinges wine and spirits.

Tin is a neutral flavor metal, but we couldn’t find any strong scientific data backing this claim about tin’s efficacy in actually removing bitterness from wine or other liquids. Nevertheless, from our tests the decanter ball does visibly aerate wine poured across its swirling surface when paired with a properly sized glass decanter, a technique well known amongst oenophiles to improve aroma, and in turn, flavor. Even minus this feature, the Woo Collective’s design is the sort of beautiful conversation piece – the winner of a 2017 Red Dot Design Award – inviting a reason to pop open another bottle of wine for some serious A vs. B taste testing.

The second piece of the Liquor Perfection collection is a swirling stick intended to do similar taste/aroma smoothing for spirits like whisky, beers, and even caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea.

Each of the two Woo Collective Liquor Perfection Decanter pieces are sold separately, available today here and here.

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