Yves Behar Unveils Sleeker and Smarter August WiFi Smart Lock

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Yves Behar Unveils Sleeker and Smarter August WiFi Smart Lock

Swiss designer Yves Béhar’s smart home security brand previewed the August WiFi Smart Lock update back in January at CES 2020, a pre-release spied in prototype form. The update finally arrived in its finalized form (via Instagram, of course), revealing significant upgrades in both design and technology that in sum deliver what might be the first smart lock design genuinely without compromise.

The new $249 August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. A compatible iOS, watchOS, and Android August Home app also offers mobile accessibility to the lock’s smart home features.

First and foremost, this latest iteration of the August lock looks a lot less bulky – 45% smaller in volume and and 20% slimmer – than August’s previous Pro model. The reduction in size addresses a previous contention with every smart home security lock offered today, refining the large lump – however beautifully designed – down into a much more discreet presence resembling a typical deadbolt.

Our vision to bring thoughtfully designed smart home access products and services that rethink home security innovation to market is now fully realized with the August smallest door lock and the first to integrate WiFi

-Yves Béhar

The lock’s face has also been softened, with a smoother finish across the lock’s matte surface and rounded edges, with gently textured ridges communicating an ergonomic, turn-dial tactility. Béhar has laudably refined a good idea into a better one, even going as far as reworking the lock’s turning mechanism for a smoother feeling rotation action.

Internally the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock now houses its own onboard Wi-Fi, its inclusion designed to simplify wireless connectivity and eliminate the necessity for a separate Connect hub device between home network and lock while utilizing smart home and remote access. While we haven’t had hands-on time with the lock yet, this improved design offers a compelling temptation to upgrade to home security 2.0.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is available on their website, and through additional retailers for $250 in either black or silver finishes.

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