Zhuang Accessories: The Neri&Hu Desk Organization Solution

07.22.19 | By
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Neri&Hu, a renowned design firm, has created some new desk accessories for Poltrona Frau that you’ll definitely want to check out. The Zhuang accessories live up to their name, which, in Chinese, means to protect something precious. There are three designs in this collection, and they all help organize, transport, and protect your belongings: a multi-purpose oval box, a work pad, and a ruler and pen holder.

Zhuang accessories

The two-layer leather work pad, when open, functions as a place for your laptop and a mouse pad, and, when closed, it can hold and transport your important documents.

Made from solid pieces of Canaletto walnut and saddle leather, the two Zhuang containers have a contemporary, minimalist design. And, to add a slight touch of contrast, the saddle leather is embellished with fine stitching in a color that pops. The pen holder makes it easy to keep track of your favorite writing instruments. The larger oval box helps organize any smaller knick-knacks and go-tos that you don’t want to misplace.

Zhuang accessories

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