These kids’ playhouses are so cool, I want an adult-sized one!

SmartPlayhouse knows what we modern adults want in their backyards: architecture. Their outdoor playhouses are designed to suit both a parent’s and a child’s needs. Fun and functional but also inspired by modern architecture, SmartPlayhouse currently offers four style options: Illinois, Casaforum, Hobikken, and Kyoto. The playhouses are made of birch wood and are resistant to inclement weather conditions. Each playhouse floor is assembled on a platform, which allows for the circulation of air to prevent dampness and keep the playhouse intact.

The Illinois is inspired by the mid-century modern movement and uses simple shapes and minimalism to create a simple blank canvas on which your child can use his or her imagination. Eight large windows bring the scenery indoors. It is only available in Maxi, the largest size that SmartPlayhouse offers.

The exterior of Casaforum is coated with a steel sheet perforated with leaf-like shapes. Designed to blend nicely with your backyard and garden, this playhouse is available in Junior (medium) size.

The Hobikken playhouse is mostly made of wood and feels like a modern cottage that Dwell magazine might feature. The Hobikken playhouse model is available in Mini, Junior and Maxi sizes.

The Kyoto is inspired by Japanese avant-garde architecture like the Mikimoto building in Toyko. With a large number of oddly-shaped windows, it looks futuristic and fun. The Kyoto is available in three different sizes, the Maxi size is two stories!