The Crudo collection consists of a jug and two glasses, salad bowl and four plates, another set of plates, bowl and bell and the set consisting of a tray, salad bowl, plate and bowl.

The collection is from Atipico, designed by Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Robin Bigio, Martin Maler and Olivero Zanon, who were united by the desire to relate and reinterpret the pureness of daily gestural expressiveness through the preciousness of materials and their transformation. The entire collection explores the combinations of raw materials and their workmanship, precisely like a recipe reworks the ingredients into a dish. It includes various types of containers for food and liquids, designed in elementary shapes, in basic colors of white and brown, with a touch of color.

The Reton and Tamburo tables were designed by Antonino Sciortino, and are made of simple artistically crafted wire, plain grates and close-meshed grating transformed into a graceful collection of low tables of various shapes and sizes. The Reton is available with round or square top, in three sizes and four colors. The Tamburo is available in two sizes and colors.