The Miami, Florida-based interactive marketing firm of BGT Partners is now located in a brand new 30,000 square foot loft-like space that has zero cubicles. Instead they opt for collaborative spaces. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

The ADD Inc Miami-designed industrial-type space features polished concrete floors, exposed high ceilings, and raw plywood throughout. You’ll find no right angles and with every space being unique, you can tell they are in the business of creativity. They have the “world’s largest” dry-erase board that’s used for brainstorming and it spans 30′ x 15′. The office also has a creative corner with LEGO bricks and a piano, a popcorn machine, custom-painted artwork throughout, and a performance area for bands. They even have a giant gong to celebrate the firm’s new projects.

The company has even been voted one of the Best Places to Work by Advertising Age and you can definitely see why.

Photos by Chuck Wilkins.