Artist Daniel Arsham, and architect Alex Mustonen, the team behind Snarkitecture, pair up with fashion designer Richard Chai to create an installation that melts the boundaries between fashion and architecture. Well there is no actual melting going on inside this temporary “ice cave,” which was created as part of Building Fashion at HL23.

This very dense Styrofoam-like material was hand carved in Snarkitecture’s Brooklyn studio. It is designed to fill the void inside this shipping container while creating an environment that feels as sentimental as the fashion within its voids.

The beauty of this medium often used by Arsham allows changes to be made with the swipe of a wire. Chai wants a deeper shelf? No problem. A sharper curve? Swipe…there you have it!

This collaboration is on display until October 31st under the High Line at 504 West 24th Street in New York.

Last two photos by Faris Al-Shathir. All other photos by David Smith.