I can’t get enough of what’s coming out of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

The COD (Crafts Oriented Design) project was the final design project of industrial designer Rami Tareef.

For this project, Rami Tareef wanted to share a dialogue between craft and design through the creation of a series of products.

From the designer:

The project was born of my desire to create by embracing the truth of the material. A designer’s desire to explore, to engage in trial and error, to learn, to know and to produce something new via the sole agency of his thinking hands. The project tries to illuminate the differences and similarities between craft and design; it tests and stretches the limits of their hybridization, and tries to end up with something identifiable from that past world.

It began with a stool. “This One-Off stool try to make a new approach to the idea of “One of a kind” product by combination between traditional craft technique an high technology of cutting laser. It raises questions about status of products with hand made values in our saturated mass production world. Is there any soul in these products?”

The additional five chairs are the result of hybridization between traditional craft technique and contemporary design in an attempt to create something new while keeping the truth of the old tradition. Rami learned the wicker weaving technique from a wicker craftsman from the old city of Jerusalem and then upgraded them into his own interpretation of contemporary design.

Photos by Oded Antman. Wicker furniture crafted by Abo Ahmad Nazir.