Copper and Brass Vases are a minimalist design created by Singapore-based company The Workshop Gallery. The cylindrical vases are manufactured using solid copper and brass. The pieces are then finalized was a satin machined finish on the outside and a polished finish on the inside using a lacquer. The designers kept the outside un-lacquered in order to preserve its natural patina that develops through use.


The materials age beautifully, and the patina deepens in tone as the product begins its oxidation process. The process is dependent on air humidity, thus will develop more gradually in cooler indoor settings than when used outdoors. If the user prefers to revert the design back to its original luster, a simple polishing will restore the color and texture.

The interior is carefully placed with a small flat of moss. As the designers describe it, “Moss grows unseen, in the most unlikely places. Quietly but sturdily like a small green empire, they bring beauty to places we often overlook.” Each vase contains a carefully selected stone that sits on top of the moss garden. The vases are meticulously machined, and are hand-polished by skilled craftsman in Singapore.