Envirosax, the company that creates designer reusable bags, revealed a couture dress made by recent design grad Amit Ayalon, unveiled at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival Alive! Expo Green Pavilion. The patterns selected range from floral prints to Japanese and Bohemian designs. The motif consists of a jacket, Victorian corset, back scroll piece, bustle and skirt.

Amit, who was selected by Envirosax to create the dress, is a recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Creative Design and is an aspiring fashion and costume designer. Amit is also in the process of working on her couture design collection, Becoming Silhouettes by Amit Ayalon, which has released its first couture collection called The Neverland Collection. Inspired by fantasy movies such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar, The Neverland Collection gives the garments a dreamy feel showcasing a mixture of femininity and strength, the fairy and the warrior.