Galaxy S5 Color Case is a minimalist design created by cloudandco for South Korea-based company 11+. The case is consistent with its predecessors (like the iPhone version we featured here), and will be available in seven colors, each of which containing their corresponding Pantone color code on the backside of the cover. Renown for their attention to detail and quality, the designers provide streamlined protection down to the phone’s side volume buttons.


The case is manufactured in polycarbonate, a hard plastic that is both lightweight and durable. The shell slightly wraps around over the front of the phone to prevent the screen from making contact with the floor when dropped. Aside from the typographical detail near the bottom, the outside of the cover is clean and immaculate.

For those who have had the pleasure of purchasing or viewing one of 11+’s cases in person will know that the packaging of the product is as beautiful and detailed as the product itself. The case is attached to a thick card-stock and enclosed inside a matte semi-transparent polyurethane sleeve that is hand-sewed at the top. The Galaxy S5 case is currently available at Leibal for $35.